• Video and text from your website!

    Personal face to face contact ..

    • The contact customers expected before Covid-19
    • Just from the web browser - no downloads!
    • 'Video extension' staff can be remotely located
  • The opportunity ..

    Allow your site customers access to sales and promotions staff

    • Two way video, sound and text meeting service
    • Works with smart phone, tablet or desktop devices
    • International reach with text auto translated
    • Person to person, secure and encrypted communications
  • Try on your web site ..

    • Fill the 'Start NOW' form details
    • Paste to your site the Imageware single line script we emailed to you
    • Configure your 1 - 3 possible 'Video extensions' for name, offline message and login credentials
    • Once installed to your web site, enjoy 45 days free use. The annual cost is USD 99.00/12 months
  • Well suited for ..

    • Wealth advisory, management, equities services
    • High value sales; real estate, boat/shipping and aircraft
    • Artwork and collectible items
    • Professional medical, property development and legal services
    • Charity and philanthropic requests
Start NOW

Demonstration is above!

The current site you are watching (www.IWAustralia.com) includes the software for you to try. On the very top line you will see the 'minimised' access arrows and camera icon. Click the camera icon to see the video extension buttons. The colour tag on each extension indicates the status; Blue = Offline, Green = Online by staff and ready for call, Red = Busy on call. Click the extension and a call will be attempted. Once connected, optionally enable your camera and send a text message if wanted. For devices set to a default language other than English, the translated message will be received by Imageware staff and their English message will be returned in your selected language.
FaceBook Ads : Please enter www.IWAustralia.com to your usual web browser to try the demonstration video connect. Alternatively in FB display of ImageWare site, select Settings, 'Run in Browser'

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